(P-927) MF-Grinder Jet-Pulse Downdraft Table.

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MF-Grinder Jet-Pulse Downdraft Table with Legs Filter and compressed Air Cleaning. 1-Phase/220V/50Hz.

Complete Welding and Grinding Booth – Ready to use
MF-Grinder is a complete working booth. Just plug it into the wall and start to weld/grind. It is a working booth with sidewalls and 6mm heavy-duty steel table (900x600mm) with a built in down draft grid which exhausts 2000m3/h.

Jet Pulse Cleaning System
The fume or dust is filtrated and goes back into the room cleaned. The filter cartridge is equipped with Jet-Pulse pneumatic cleaning system, which is switched on from the front side. The fan has an aluminium impeller.

No expensive Exchange Filters needed. The cleaning process is initiated from the front side. It is very efficient and cleans the filter cartridge in less than two minutes. For safety reasons, the dustbin should be emptied after every cleaning.

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