(P-324) Mobi-Fan 0.75 kW/1-Phase/220V/50Hz.

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Mobi-Fan with wheels, 1-phase, 0.75 kW.

Mobile Fan for Smoke, Gases and lighter Dust 
Mobi-Fan is a powerful ventilator, which is easy to bring with you on service, repair and other temporary work. Perfect for extracting welding fumes, gases, lighter dust and other non explosive pollutions.

Mobi-Fan can be equipped with different inlet- and outlet hoses depending on application. For example hose with magnet hood for welding.

Supply fresh Air
With inlet- and outlet hose Mobi-Fan is an efficient and far-reaching source of fresh air for difficult working environments.

Complete Unit
Mobi-fan is a complete unit. As standard it comes with fan with 1-Phase motor, circuit-breaker with motor cut-out, inlet d.160 mm, outlet d.200 mm, 4 big wheels and 4 m cable with plug. 

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