(P-251) Exhaust Gas Hose Reel with d.100mm/7.5m hose and d.100/150mm Nozzle.

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Exhaust Gas Hose Reel with d.100mm / 7.5m hose and d.100 / 150mm Nozzle.

Exhaust Hose Reel with Nozzle for Cars

Conveniently Exhaust Extraction
With an exhaust reel it’s easy and convenient to extract the exhaust gases when the engine is running. Pull out enough hose and connect the nozzle to the exhaust pipe. When the exhaust hose is not needed it is easily rolled up on the spring loaded reel. 

Complete Unit
Plymoth exhaust reel is a complete unit consisting of the spring-loaded hose reel with 7.5m 100mm diameter hose and nozzle with 150mm opening.

Plymoth hose reel is fitted with EPDM rubber hose. This hose is for the tough conditions prevailing in garages. There are cheaper TP hoses (thermo plastic hose) but they have a short life span. 

Balanced Nozzle
Plymoth exhaust nozzle has an 150mm opening with a spring loaded lid. The nozzle is suitable for most types of exhaust pipes. Socket for carbon dioxide measurement on the nozzle. The nozzle is covered with EPDM rubber to avoid the risk of scratching the paint.

Central suction system
Plymoth exhaust reels are easily connected to the central suction system. The hose reel is mounted directly on the wall or ceiling with integrated mounting brackets and connected to the central pipe system via the Ø 160mm large outlet.

40 Years Experience
40 years experience of design and manufacturing at your service.
All parts are laser cut for maximum precision.
The Plymoth products are a combination of well-proven technique and progressive new ideas.